Some members of the Lord Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, who are known well to go the extra mile in displaying their love for God, during a street awareness crusade, displayed their ‘holy madness’ for God with different acrobatic displays.

Some of them even rolled in muddy, probably stinking and stagnant water in their happiness. More below:







  1. @tomiwa,wat pattern are u talking about?there is no particular pattern wen it come in praising God, there is no limitation or boundaries wen its praising my God,in the bible Davids was shouting and limping wen the ark of God returned and that was in the city and not in the temple,so my dear,let God be judge of them that praising him rational or irrational,u are just but mere motal,u don’t have the right to judge at all,my dear,there is something God will do for u,u wil not know wen u will praise him like a mad man,trust me it feels good to praise God radically,and for the record, yes i am chosen and a proud one at that,SHALOM.

  2. For me praising God still goes with humility, peace and respect not with radicality, pride and dishonesty haba God did not call us into killing ourselves all in the name of dancing and praising God, the fact that God said you should praise and glorify him in rejoicing does not mean you should end up taking risks that can put you into hospital bed, what if in this process u break your waist or a part of your bones, the world will not only laugh at your stupidity but also laugh at your purse. Lets be intellegent in whatever thing we do

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