Meet Thulani Mbatha. The man who ate six eggs, a whole boiled chicken, a loaf of bread, a big potato, and washed it all down with 2-litres of fizzy drink…all in 15 MINUTES!

Via DailySun
Thulani Mbatha, 40, who doesn’t look like a man who could swallow food as if he was a waste disposal unit, left spectators with their mouths open and shaking their heads.

He made the other two contestants look like beginners when he won the Best Gimba title in a Gimba competition hosted by KaNozulu Food Square and Shisa Nyama in Lamontville, KZN.
Not only did Thulani eat enough food to see him through the next three days, he also walked away with R500 (N6,500) cash.


He told Daily Sun he had cereal for breakfast as usual but starved himself for the rest of the day.

The competition was in the afternoon and by then I was seriously starving. It’s a new competition and there were only three contestants, but they couldn’t eat like me,” he said.

He said his eating habits are no different from any other person.

I only did it for the competition and I wanted to win. I even ate the chicken bones. People should not try doing what they saw me doing because it’s not good for anyone’s health. It will lead to weight problems and bad digestion,” he said.


The food competition runs once a month with an entrance fee of R50 (N650) per person. The winner will be rewarded with a R500 (N6,500) instant cash prize. The next competition will be on 3 April

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