A man has painstakingly taken time to pen down a heartfelt open letter to his wife, who he says is lackadaisical towards their sex life, which is supposed to be a conjugal bliss since their wedding of three years.

The letter which was shared by comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, reads:

My Dear wife,
I want to let you know how I feel about our sex life, and how it affects me negatively.

Most of the time you complain about me becoming angry too easily, what you don’t know is that my anger most of the time is not about what made me angry, but about the way you handle our sex life. You always thinks you are doing me a favor by allowing me to sleep with you. The way you normally reject me, affect me, my ego, my manhood, my leadership and this is, because you reject me in an annoying way.

Before I got married to you, I had the dream of having an unfettered access to sex after wedding thats why I kept myself for you till our wedding night. I enjoyed the best of you during our honey moon and few months after, things Fell apart and center could not hold.

During the last 3 years, I have attempted to make love to you 600 times and I succeeded only 62 tines, this is an average of once in 10 attempts.

These are the complaints you make that have been a road block on my way to romantic leaving:

We will wake our neighbors (64times)
The children will hear (35times)
The bed is making noise(29times)
Placing the baby on your chest(25times)
It is too hot(30times)
I don’t want to be pregnant(22times)
Pretend to be asleep (43times)
Your mother will hear us(11times)
New hair done(37times)
It is too late in the night(32times)
I am so tired (85times)
Wrong time of the month
Not in the mood(39times)

Many which I don’t even want to say but the 62 times I did succeed, the results were not always satisfying because of your behavior. You will first start by ordering me around, “switch off the light”, close the window, the door is not properly locked close it, put the fan on number 5, go take your bath, many more which tears won’t allow me to say.

Even when you agree I don’t normally enjoy myself because of the way you react. You just lay as if you are not in the bed with me (12times)

I had to wake you up to Tell you I’m done

Tears won’t let me say all

For our marriage to be better, I think you need to improve and make me happy. P

Yours in love,
Ur hungry & neglected hubby



  1. That’s the reason y some women cheat on their husband my man u better change ur attitude towards ur wife during sex or if she or any who has same challenges comes my way I wil package her back to u after striking her red sea with my moses staff sory if I sound naughty


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