kayode sideguy

When budding Nigerian singer/rap artiste, Kayode released “Confessions” in mid 2019, everyone pondered who this lad was, making music that more than half his demographic could relate with. He then went on to release “Pemi Lori Ago” and definitely, everyone wanted a piece of the lad who could make relatable music.

kayode sideguy

The multi-talented singer & rapper who also produces his own tracks has now dropped another single, “Side Guy” and as is his usual wont, the tune is definitely a relatable one.

Kayode’s nonpareil artistic dexterity is pronounced in “Side Guy” as the singer touches on the character of infamous noncommittal guys who’d never settle for the ‘boyfriend’ tag but are okay with being the side piece and the benefits that’s attached to it.

Relatable is certainly Kayode’s watchword when it comes to where he draws inspiration for his music from. A young lad who’s geared up to carve a niche for himself in the Afro music scene…his space is certainly to be watched out for.

Groovy and dynamic beat, impressive lyrical content and absolutely relatable… This. Is. SIDE GUY. Produced by Magicsticks.


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