I am in my thirties, married with two adorable children. I come from what you will term a ‘silver spoon’ family and have parents who were, and still are generous to their children.

The problem is our mother. We’ve associated her with a string of boy-friends over the years; the fact that she is now a grandmother hasn’t cramped her wayward ways at all.

This time around she has been caught with my
husband’s uncle and this is causing friction between me and my husband. His uncle’s wife is spoiling for a showdown and is trying to tar me with the same brush as my mother’s.

When I eventually tackled mum about this latest affair of hers, she told me it was none of my business what she did and that I should concentrate more on my marriage.

There is no point involving my dad as he’s just recovered from a mild stroke. What is more he’s always turned a blind eye to mum’s philandering. How do I get her off my husband’s uncle?

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