Read The plight of a young man…His Girlfriend has Kidney problem and he intends on marrying the girl…The only problem is she had previously done surgery for a lump in her breast which of course didn’t go down well with the Man’s Mum..

The guy’s mum Is totally against the marriage…Read His Story, UNEDITED Below:

I met this beauty damsel in a child dedication in my home town in Anambra State on 2nd of January 2016.

We started talking until we fell in love and i decided to marry her. Though am still awaiting for her parents consent before i fix the date for formal introduction.

She had directed me to different pastors for this purpose and i had done my own part.

The issue now is that she told me that she had done an operation for lumb in her breast which did not go down well with my mum. My mum has said “i will not marry her”

The major issue i solicite for an advice is that i took her to a doctor who told me she has a kidney issue.

We really love ourselves and i want to marry her not just because she is still a virgin but she is a good there anything that can be done because she is just 21.

I need an advice please ignore my written English.



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