13-year-old Mahendra Ahirwar had a rare condition that made his head hang at a 180-degree angle – the teenager’s crocked neck meant he couldn’t stand, he had to sit and always needed help to eat and go to the toilet.

He was at home alone all day and his mother said she couldn’t bear to see him suffer.


The good news is Mahendra’s life has been transformed by surgery and he can finally see the world the right way up again. His father Mukesh, 41, told Mail Online:

“It’s a miracle! He looks great. His neck is straight; and his life is so very different. ‘He’s in a good place. It was heart breaking to see him before. We were on the brink of losing him. When his neck was bent he was too shy to speak but now he feels like a normal person and we can see his confidence levels growing. He is very happy now. He says he can feel the difference and he loves it.


Mahendra, from Madhya Pradesh, central India, was born with a normal neck but as he grew older his bones became weak and his neck began to bend.

After years of trying to find treatment with no success, Mahendra resigned to spending the rest of his life with a crocked neck.

But life was a struggle. Mahendra’s parents even admit they would rather their son die than continue to suffer.


Mahendra’s life however was transformed thanks to a stranger, mother-of-two Julie Jones living 4,000 miles away in Liverpool who read his story and raised £12,000 for an operation to straighten his neck.






Now the Mahendra can do the same things other boys his age can – like go to school.




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