This corps member’s story has been serving rounds on Social media since its emergence and it’s only right that we share the inspiring story with y’all…

She wrote this below:

“Growing up with disability in our society will always warrant extra courage, tenacity, patience and determination. So I was very little when this whole journey started still trying to understand life but I realize I had to make a difference, I had to be reason for my own happiness, going through school was not easy it was like the hardest phase of life but I discovered new ways on how to make it better, I became thankful for each day, my life became my motivation, prayer became my daily routine and lived my life depending on God…i choose not to let disability get to me, I choose to show whole world the ability in disability, in fighting this difficult but interesting battle I have learnt that there’s always a bright light at the end of the tunnel.. This is my Victory story ,the picture says it all”



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