mikel obi and olga, Mikel and Olga

Of course, we all know how most Nigerian celebrities are always out and about, going from one part of the world to another, going on business meetings, or tours, or vacations and what have you…

You definitely can’t travel somewhere and not meet with ‘different’ people, except you’re going to a deserted or extinct area. Lol. So, from just meeting these people, you can catch some feelings with them people too; Feelings so strong that you begin to date em and could even possibly get married to them.

This! has happened to an awful lot of our Nigerian celebrities which is why we are counting the top Nigerian celebrities who are dating or are married to foreigners.

Without taking much of ya time this sunny Monday afternoon in October, the first celebrity on our list is none other than Chelsea Football club star himself,

John Mikel Obi.

Mikel Obi

His relationship with Olga Diyachenko can be called a fairy tale. John Obi Mikel starts our list as he is betrothed to Russian beauty, Olga Diyachenko.

She is even his baby mama as they recently had twins together. Olga is the daughter of a Russian millionaire who reportedly resides in London, the same place his daughter lives.

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