Okay People! Here’s an Article I found interestingly Interesting.

Here are some commonly held misconceptions about fair skinned women, especially here in Nigeria:

1. Bleaching: This tops the list because light-skinned ladies are mostly tagged with the word ”Bleaching” I know some of our ladies aren’t naturally fair, and there are ways one could identify them.

The knuckles and knee are good examples. In as much as we have high rate of bleachers, there are still the ones with the natural fair complexion.

Every complexion is beautiful be it light, dark or chocolate. Maintenance is all that matters.

2. Mermaid: This sounds funny, but true. Some people have the belief that light-skinned females are from the marine world.

Maybe this belief is derived from our Nollywood movies, whereby a light-skinned lady is allowed to play the character of a mermaid, while the dark-skinned one is given the role of a witch.

If you’re light-skinned and no one ever accused you of being a mermaid, then you’ve never been to Nigeria.

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