Why is it that Nigerian ladies are programmed in such a way that they believe it’s the duty of every guy to provide their immediate needs and failure to fall for their scam makes you become a stingy dude?

I was having a chat with a lady last night and the following conversation ensued:







    • Girls,really?………………Can you sincerely say you’ve met virtually all Nigerian girls and they all are beggars ?please don’t be hasty in generalizing your speculations and next time kindly make use of the phrase ‘some girls’.

    • I’ve said it before in my first comment not all girls but 90% of girls use to beg of of something I know what am saying not all sha but majority of them used to beg the reason is that they like free thing’s is not a crime sha I think it’s there nature they see it as a natural thing

    • Don’t say majority Hadebayor King Mhussodhiqq,that’s a very bad assumption 90% that’s too much,i know guys who beg too a lot you should rather use some ladies…haba have you even met one quarter of the girls in Nigeria?

    • @ Noko i won’t trade words with you and won’t be-little myself to your level of reasoning………………Everybody is entitle to their opinions and we are in democracy where there’s freedom of speech regardless if sensible or not.

  1. Some girls sha… She was only trying to apply one of the 48 Laws of Power.

    “Don’t do what others can do for you, allow them to do it while you get the credits ”

    Robert Green ~48 Laws of Power!

  2. Girls are beggers yeah right but some guys beg too so get a life, its bad enough she begged you for recharge card in the night and you couldn’t have gotten her the card that late and she was out of line saying you are stingy, but I think its childish to post it online for a few laffs from strangers. If you want to correct her do that one on one because I presume y’all must be friends of some sort.

    • Shut up if you have nothing to comment. She only remembered tosin cos of recharge card. Both of them are in Nigeria where did she expect him to have gotten the card from by that time or is Tosin a recharge card dealer. Abeg go sidon for gota

    • Noko Chukwunonso Decency abeg help ask her o… All those recharge girls them don’t have respect… Because the guy refused to be a mugu… she’s angry… Eunice Imade Edo as I see your name I see one chance girl thief like you.

    • Both of you can’t even read, its such a bloody shame! I said it was bad of her to request for recharge card and more especially in the night, I also said its not good that the guy is putting the chat in social media for a few laffs from strangers because whether she’s a begger or not they must have been friends once and he should correct her personally, now if this comment is paining both of you who have never asked for any assistance from anybody please feel free to jump in the lagoon or hug the nearest transformer as soon as PHCN brings light idiots

    • Noko Chukwunonso Decency evidently you are a begger that’s why body dey pepper you! Back to your question, I’ve given money to both guys and girls before because they needed help, and yes I’ve bought recharge cards for both guys and some girls because the person said he/she was stranded but I have never ridiculed anyone of them for asking, and even the one we quarreled I never used it to laugh at the person, only a broke ass childish fool like you will get upset because I said guys also beg, I already told you and anyone who has a problem with my opinion which I have no apologies for to take a flying leap off 3rd mainland bridge or hug live transformer

    • You work with DHL as a messenger Noko Chukwunonso and you just dream your salary is beyond 3 digits and as its not up to that you want to go up in a flame, and you carry your billy goat attitude along with you broke ass childish duchbag!

    • Queen Ayanfe-Oladeji, I made a comment and the guy came at me with insults so I am serving him back what he served, he should learn to address issues instead of raining insults on somebody for airing their mind, if you take a look you will see this character has been whining about begging on my original comment

    • Eunice Imade Edo & Noko Chukwunonso Decency. Pls its okay, facebook if not a battle field but a fun place. U don’t need to insult yourselves or turn yourselves to enemies bcos of someone u don’t even know. Of course, we cannot reason the same way cos what is facing u maybe backing me. So pls try to understand each other’s point.???

    • After all when your little gold dogged mb gets exhausted you will still beg for another recharge card from your men but i think i can help this time around.just holla @ me i have some extra in my pocket.I can dash you.

    • Someone cannot write an opinion again abi, Eunice Imade Edo abeg leave this internet trollers, I don’t see how that write up should have elicited insults. That’s the kind of age we are in, everyone has an opinion, without even trying to understand what the next person has said.

    • Eunice Imade Edo I know people like you, you’re a recharge card beger, I only feel for your parents because you’re hopeless,because that’s what you do too, I see know reason why you will be taking panadol for another person malaria an you still have mouth to talk.abi

    • Jonathan Achilewa follow your brother and jump into lagoon, all the guys that are beggers and swindlers like you are upset by my opinion, no matter how it pains you I will insist that you are a broke ass begger so keep on wailing

  3. Brain is lacking here o… hmmm! 11:30?..
    Maybe u ll be sending d MTN credit From America… -6hrs GMT…
    *But posting the Chat online, is As Childish as the Girl’s Brain.
    **Both Una Brain knock Engine!!

  4. Begging nor be crime …The only thing that comes with it is you give room for insult…so therefore it’s not everyone u can beg from bcos some are soo little minded that they’ll make u feel bad for asking

  5. That gurl must be sick to have asked for airtime from the guy by they time…. And from the chat, it’s obvious she only chatted his cos of the airtime and next thing she says she’s dissapointed and the guy is stingy….. Rubbish!!!! Who she epp sef??!! Akpa amu like her….. Because Na her matter carry the guy come Lagos…..

  6. You can beg for airtime anytime of the day, only choose the right person to beg from…let’s be rational on this, what if its your girlfriend that wants to make a very urgent call to pass a message to someone …If you have enough to transfer to her, guys won’t you?…she only did a brainless stuff by asking the wrong person and called him stingy at the end which is not the best but situation can warrant us to ask for help at the odd time.

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