Nigerian celebrities have been accused of bleaching in the past especially the female ones. While most if not all of them have attributed their fairer skin to good living, some of them have admitted they did undergo a bleaching process.

According to Google, Bleaching means to cause (a material such as cloth, paper, or hair) to become white or much lighter by a chemical process or by exposure to sunlight.

Here are 10 female celebrities that have been accused of undergoing bleaching process in the past.

Tonto Dikeh


Tonto Dikeh has been widely regarded as a skin bleacher!

The actress has neither denied or accepted such claims that she bleached her skin. Though her photos says otherwise.

Some say it’s heavy makeup, while makeup expert says it’s contouring. Oh well. I guess the throwback photo below will tell otherwise (:

Tonto Dikeh Old

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  1. Miss SUNDAY FAVOUR, you are totally wrong Why do u want to be white? forgetting that u can’t be white? bleaching your skin is very dangerous for your body and your future, first because it’s like u are buying cancer disease for ur own body.seconde, it’s like u are telling GOD that HE did not make you well, but you know what? GOD made u in His own image so be proud of whaterever skin colour u have on ur body as African women my dear FAVOUR. Please don’t be hyppocrite, tell ur fellow woman what is not good so that she can change. Finally I pray that you don’t bleach your African skin.Thanks

    • Of course she bleached. She was born light skin, but after fame she changed her shin by bleaching all her body. Her fingers can tell the truth. Anyway it’s doesn’t concern me because it’s her own body she damaged not mine,she is free to do good or bad, it’s her choice not mine so I am only tell her truth.As for me, I am happy the way GOD me as black african woman.

  2. Is this bleaching ? No way. She is shining and glowing becos she takes good care of herself. So haters if i dont appreciate, go hang urself up. Go girl u look beautiful

  3. Tonto na fair babe from onset, I know her from when she small. She has never being a dark person, all she did was shine up cos money dey.

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