How to stop sleeping during lectures: It’s important to pay attention while in class in order to get good grades at the end of the session.

In order to pay attention in school you will need to try and stay awake through the lectures. it can be difficult staying awake especially during a boring lecture, but in the real sense it is impolite to the lecturer to sleep during his/her lecture. Find it difficult staying awake during lectures? Here is how to stop sleeping during lectures.

Sit in a position that is close to the lecturer.

Sitting in front of the class directly facing the lecturer makes it easy for you to concentrate and reduces the chances of falling asleep at least not while the lecturer is staring at you.

Ask and answer questions.

When receiving lecturers it’s easier to get distracted or sleep off while the lecturer is teaching. Participating in class by asking and answering questions keeps you focused on the lecture. Take down notes and try your very best to concentrate on the lecture and avoid distractions.

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