On this post we are going to discuss some of the mistakes you should avoid as a passenger when boarding a taxicab.

Avoiding these mistakes would safe you some troubles that could cost something valuable and in some cases life if care is not taken.

It’s true that we all need a taxicab at some point to move from one location to another as we journey and move around during the course of our activities and engagements either as foreigner in city or citizen just commuting to another location.

In other to experience seamless transit, it’s important to be cognizant of these mistakes and try avoiding them when you are in taxi for a ride.

1. Taking a Ride With Car-Windows Open

Some passengers don’t care much about open window and would jump in with both feet at any taxi available to them, so long as it takes them to destination. But in today’s modern age you deserved more than just a ride.

Not only would a completely closed window gives you a pleasant purring sound as car get into motion but also do the following;

  • Shut out unpleasant air and dust from finding its way into the car which is unhealthy for you.
  • Mitigate theft and keep criminals & hoodlum from having leeway and free access to snatching your gadget or belongings away through the window especially when in heavy traffic and dangerous areas.
  • Keep desperate hawkers away from flashing and dangling their products right into your face when in traffic which could be very annoying particularly if you are not very interested in their product.
  • A completely closed window give you a slight advantage at some check point for easy pass especially if the car gleams, as officers at times believe with experience that such vehicle won’t ply the road without satisfying all requirements. This obviously safe your travel time and increases your chances of arriving destination as early as possible.

Boarding a cab with a working Air Conditioning system will give you all of these benefits as window won’t have to be wind-down for inflow of air.

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