Do not be scared to tell her the bad things about you

Don’t you think it’ll be suspicious if all you say when you are talking about yourself are only the good things you can do, or the good things you have done?

Let your word be your bond

Always say what you mean and mean what you say. There might be no better test of your trustworthiness than this.

Don’t say bad things about your friend

I mean, how is anyone supposed to trust you when you say terrible things about your own friends behind their back?

Don’t get defensive when she asks awkward questions

No matter how awkward the situation and the resultant questions she fires at you, you must realize that all she wants is reassurance and the best way to grant her that is to answer the questions as coolly and as honestly as possible.

Getting defensive will only raise her suspicion, generate more questions in her mind and decrease her trust in you

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