Good news is that the majority of things we worry about during sex are quite normal “side effects.” We must understand that if we pay attention to these small issues that usually worry us more than our partners, we will destroy the magic of the moment for which we love sex so much.

That’s why clever people learn either not to notice such moments or to laugh at them. Because if we learn this, we will become free and will trust our partner more who learned this with us.

So, which weird things can make you feel shy, and should you actually pay attention to them?


1. Weird sounds

Yes, weird sounds can come out from anywhere: from your mouth or from other places of your body. All in all, sex is the physical process. That’s why there is nothing weird if you completely give yourself to the process and allow yourself some breadths.

But many people are ashamed if something like this happens to them, and destroy the romance that they would like to feel so much. You shouldn’t forget that not only you but also your partner can emit such sounds. And if this happens even with him, why should YOU be ashamed of this?

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