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The friends with benefit relationship is one that is often met with caution and even fear.

While some people are comfortable with the idea, others believe it isn’t even possible to maintain such relationships. – I Think it is.

If you find yourself trapped somewhere between the friend-zone and being a couple, here are some rules to follow.

1. No cuddling after s*x

Cuddling has been scientifically proven to induce the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is also known as the ‘love’ hormone or the ‘bonding’ hormone.

It is also secreted by pregnant women to facilitate bonding with the unborn baby. If you do not plan to invest feelings in a relationship, DO NOT cuddle.

2. No extended texting

The human mind is a very complex entity because it is prone to imagination. The more we communicate with people, the more likely we are to assume things that might not necessarily be the case.

For example, we might assume someone likes us more than they do because they will stay up at night and chat to us.

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