There is something on a woman’s body that intrigues men and women alike and that’s the breasts.

A man’s attraction to woman’s breasts in most cases determines his level of sexual attraction to the woman herself.

Here are the 7 most common reasons men love breasts (according to the male psycho).

1. Breasts are mysterious:

At the onset of puberty, a young boy starts to notice the organs in a girl’s body that aren’t on his own body.

He notices that while he and his friends can go out topless, girls can’t. And is awed by the mysteriousness attached to girls chests. He then goes around on the mischievous mission of finding out more by asking asks his elder brother or older male friends.

He is informed that those things around a girl’s chest are called breasts or boobs. From that very young age, boys grow up fascinated by breasts because they are simply mysterious in nature. Softer than any other part of a girls body.

Produces milk at child-birth. Milk dries up after breastfeeding stops. They have nipples that become hardened when she is sexually aroused.

They jump up and down when she runs. Nothing is more mysterious to a man than a woman’s breasts. Absolutely nothing.

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  1. Suckinq of breast is a surviving skill for men right from birth..
    They love it in difrrent sizes
    some like water-melon,Oranges,Okpa,Egg(fried one) and some like slippers…
    It all depends on how the sucker loves it sha

  2. Una no well, dis guys wan dey teach me my best sucking mango,make I give una my best definition for breast issue,breast to me is d softest hylogin Bob, stap in front of every women,ladies, or even girl chest like head Lambs for dem to decieve or distract we rich men,abi weti una think say i talk

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