Some Billionaires in Nigeria Have Married younger wives. These women are extremely beautiful and successful as well.

Most of themare ex-beauty queens who have been outstanding in their fields.

The Age difference between them is WOW! But They all are happily married.

See Below, the List of Rich Nigerian Billionaires and Their Young Wives in No Particular Order:

Meet the Nigerian Billionaires & their young endowed wives:

1. Adams & Iara Oshiomole


Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomole tied the knot with his Young Cape Verde Model wife in May 2015 at Etsako West LocalGovernment Council Marriage Registry in Auchi area of Edo State.

Though a lot of online comments and bashing came for the Governor and his wife, while many criticized their marriage, online trolls published funny memes about the couple marriage.

The comments seems not to get to them, as the couple have been spotted couple of times together at events, gatherings, seminar etc.

Governor Oshiomole is 63 while his wife, Iara is 29. – You can View Photos of Their wedding Here and Here


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    • You are an Idiot too pecu liar. Do you want Hm to married you fool. He lost his ex-wife, and God has given anybody who lost his wife or husband with death to remarried, so why your own is to abuse some that your father is begging to be his shoe maker. Fool you.

  1. Onofua Peculiar…why call another human being an idiot…it tells alot about you…if you cannot find a younger man to marry, there are quite a lot of older men out there for you..rather than be driven by hatred, envy and frustration ..Haba !!

    • I don’t think you know the meaning of peadophilia. most of the girls they marry are over 18. isn’t this better than having love- children at the age of 16? please, let them be, and leave well alone.

  2. choii!!..i neva knew we still ve nigerians lyk dis hu also act lyk matured idiots…abeg mek una reason before u talk….plz hu said gov oshomole is a billionaire?is his name in any current affair as a billionaire?..okay besides u guys sure of his wife age..avent u seen a 50 yrs old lookin 20nish.u guys re jus having bad belle bcos his wife if pretty..i tink pple shud learn to source for dem self b4 insulting..nd to all dis blogger..i smh for una..lack of employement nai cause hm..u guys re now posting wrong news leaving false impressions on on….ABEG MAKE WE WISE PLZ

  3. money money money…..God blessed every one equally with the Good things of life but not every knows how to take charge of their destiny…use opportunity to b financially buoyant well….with AIM….we say come…..and join our team of undebased lasting financial brktru. …God is our guild….health is wealth…. Men like oshiomole,dangote,bill gates…etc…dint just become famous/rich in a day. …they strted from somewhr…dnt just celebrate others …let others celebrate u! …

  4. Onofua peculiar and the likes it’s actually no business of your’s who these pepo choose to marry and why.For your information marriage is a consented union between a man and a woman …so why not get busy and keep your rude remarks to yourself?

  5. some people are discuss this issue with bad belle if you ask nigeria women to divorce their husband and marry oshomole you should hav at least get 15% of them after the death of his wife it was togue of war ladies crashing around him now they are disapp0inted its now a cause and insult to him we all understand that money and fame are involved in the relationship.but not to insult

  6. Bad belle every where. Most of you guys will do the same thing if not worst.hope u guys do not have problems with ur eyes,cos the last time I checkd these ladies are doing well before grace brought them out. It is the grace of God that brought them out ok? If these ladies were related to u guys,am sure u guys will not speak bad about them. Make name for urself and stop talk abt others success .

  7. i beg old men should not finish all our young girls sodat our young sons can c young daughters 2 marry nd our daughters should not marry base on money bt true lov. ADVICE

  8. All billionaire’s are young…the more they dispense the younger they are considered in feminine logic.

  9. This is not love, is d love of money. besides he didn’t see any beautiful woman in nija than spending our money to outside in d name of marriage country. When he was in Labour, he was fighting against corruption in nija government

  10. But is there any problem wt thaaaaat? are 12yrs to 14yrs no they pregnant in this country?pls restrict it to da personal life and not suitable for public consumption weda money is d yardstic or not.

  11. Bad belly de worry some people too much . Wetin dey bad say a grown up decided to marry her/his choice ??? Age na just figure. Make una carry on jooo.

  12. Day will kill their first wife dat surffered with dem because of young girls day want to go and marry very bad of dem

  13. U see what am talking about,money RULES with money u can married d beautiful gal in d world. Gals has fish brain u can confuse dem with money

  14. It is titration osmosis from higher to lower just to balance blood pressure no be love at all for women na money matter kalokalo

  15. So oshomole has turned a billionaire within dis short time as a governor? Where is EFCC and code of conduct Bureau?

  16. atleast they’re married, he’s not fornicating neither is he commiting adultery. They are legally married.

  17. atleast they’re married, he’s not fornicating neither is he commiting adultery. They are legally married. naija can backbite ehh, nawa o

  18. I av alwayz advice my fellow men…never waste ur time nd energy buidn six packs,abs,or wish or want guud height ,handsome face,or talk or speak good,some1 was advertisn pink lips cream on fb ,I was amazd at d number of guyz wu was askn 4 d cream,,abegy u nor need all those rubish cos even a dwarf go get rep pass u if e get money,,most gurlz dis days dnt gv a sheet abt yur 10packs cos he no b 6packs again all they want is potbelle,so grow potbelle nd hussle tight ,,c oshomole dan turn mr handsome nd mr macho

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