Most women like to talk…a lot. We talk about our feelings, our friends, our day. Mostly, we talk about that stuff with our girlfriends. But sometimes, we like to share it all with you. We don’t always need a solution.

What if all singles came with an operating manual? They might consist of your most unique character traits, some pivotal events that have transformed your life, your communication style, and what makes you happy. It would also list your worldview, your lifestyle, and what character traits your ideal partner might have.

You wouldn’t literally hand that book out to the people you date. That would be weird. But the manual would give you clarity on your authentic self, how you want others to see you, what type of partner you’re looking for and how you want to be treated in a relationship. It would help you identify the right-fit partner and walk away from the wrong ones. Most of all, it would give a potential partner a window into makes you happy.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if men and women knew how to make each other happier? As a dating coach who works with women over 40 to help them fall in love with their most aligned partner, I’ve asked hundreds of women what makes them happy in a relationship. This is what I’ve learned

1. Believe in yourself.

While women love a confident man, we don’t expect you to be confident all the time. We all have self-doubt, and we love your vulnerability and your willingness to share your fears.

But we want you to believe in yourself, because if you don’t, it’s hard for us to take pride in you.

This is not a gender thing. Women who believe in and love themselves are more appealing to emotionally healthy men, too.

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