Cheating Paul

Oh my days! I can’t seem to get enough of the way ladies act when they catch their men cheating though, if they’re are not selling the car they both for them, then they burning their houses, if it isn’t that, then they’re calling them out via an advertising billboard! Lol.

An obviously scorned wife decided to dump her alleged cheating husband by erecting a billboard sign on his way to work. The message was written boldy on the board on a major commuter route into the the Yorkshire city.

It read:

“To my cheating husband Paul. You deserve each other. When you get home I won’t be there.Enjoy your drive to work! Lisa.”

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The message which has gone viral on social media has many hailing her move. Mark Catterall, from advertising agency, Kong Media who sold Lisa the advertising space, said she paid “hundreds of pounds” for her exit sign.

He told the media:

“She just wanted it on during rush hour.The Sheffield Parkway is always jammed as it is the main artery in and out of the city in the morning and the client wanted on while her ex-partner was driving to work.

“It is the most recognised billboard location in the city, so I wouldn’t like to be the partner scorned by this. I think there will be a few calls made this morning to a few Lisas and Pauls. “It is the first time I’ve seen a message like this on a digital billboard in the UK. I know it has happened before in the US. But she used the flexibility of a digital billboard and I think it was an interesting idea by the lady.” “It’s a professional approach to dumping someone, but we are happy to carry marriage proposals as well.”




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