Nigerian singer, Dbanj has been linked to many girlfriends in the past but some of them are not known.

One thing peculiar to the women D’banj has dated though is they are all successful in their chosen fields, or are children of wealthy parents.

We bring you the list of the most noticeable ladies the Kokomaster has dated.

In a very recent interview with Saturday Beats 35 years old Kokomaster Dbanj who was born on June 9th, 1980 revealed why he changed his plans to get married at 30

“While growing up, there were some goals I set for myself and at 35; I have accomplished most of them. Sadly, I have not accomplished the primary goals. The main one is marriage.

By now, I thought I would have been married. I had always thought I would have a child before the age of 30.

That fantasy did not become a reality because I wanted to strengthen my brand. I wanted to be sure that I was on the right path career-wise because as a kid, you need to crawl before you can walk and eventually run.

I wanted to be sure I surpass all boundaries and reach a certain stage where I can easily balance my work and family. That is the main reason why I am not married.”

We bring to you the list of the most noticeable ladies the Kokomaster has dated. Grab your Juice and bowl of Popcorn.

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