There are lots of beautiful women in the world. It is normal for one to run into these beautiful creatures from time to time.

Some men who are lovers of women know the zones to go to if they are looking for beautiful women. This means that there are certain regions in the world that are filled with beautiful and curvy women that many will tag exotic.

In truth, some women dwell on their beauty, they are willing to do nothing in as much as they know their beauty remain a selling point.

Some women are not only beautiful, they are graceful and classy. Such women are said to be made for kings and influential people who will treat them like queens. But the world has gone past the era where women are made to stay back home and see to domestic affairs.

Women are starting to speak up and do things for themselves; some of them are entrepreneurs who turn heads and shake the sectors of the economy at the same time. Beauty queens do not want to stay in their palaces anymore; some of them are taking on major projects that will change their lives forever.

This is because they know beauty will not last forever. They want to do things that will leave a lasting impact in the lives of the people they come across daily. This epistle will make us examine Lexx Jones who is no doubt the sexiest woman in the US army. This military officer is no doubt beautiful and curvy.

You do not want to mess with an officer like this. The last place people will check if they are looking for beautiful women in the society is in the force.

This is because there is misconception about the women found there; normally, people think women found in forces like that are filled with scars. Lexx Jones is a hot booty model that will make you drool all day. She is arguably the hottest and sexiest woman in the US army.

She took her time to post some pictures on her Instagram page. Find below some pictures of the beautiful military officer:

1. Beautiful


She is a military officer that has gone through series of training after all. She is not the regular woman you know.

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