A follow up to yesterday’s article on Nigerian female celebrities that have been accused of bleaching their skin.

Here’s a look at male celebrities that have been dragged in the same path in the past.

Sean Tizzle

Sean-Tizzle (1)

Sean Tizzle attributed his fairer skin complexion to an increment in his bank balance which brought a new level of freshness into his life. He didn’t convince many that wealth makes people fairer.

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  1. Yaba left! Wetin be your problem if them bleach! I don’t even know how I started getting all this annoying messages u call gist! U guys had better get me off your list

  2. For some of them (6 in number) you can see clearly that they have bleached heavily. Now NIGERIAN men want be come like CONGO men who use bleaching cream as their daily food, like they can’t do without cream? na waooo

      • Daniel who are u telling to shut up? They’ve been accused and for sure sean is bleaching. If they can accuse Wizkid of bleaching y can’t they accuse Davido as well? what do u not understand u prat?

  3. if you have the amount of money he has…i don’t think you will ever want to use vaccine..you will surely use something to make u brighter and fresher..so don’t judge…you will also do thesame

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