It’s Monday, so I decided to drop something I wrote about Procrastination, you should try and read it now, sometimes later becomes never. Have a Blessed Week ahead!

Procrastination, oh I like that sh*t, Procrastination has been compared to masturbation… they both feel good while doing it (so I heard, never masturbated before) but sucks afterwards when you realize you’ve been fucking with yourself all along.

I’m a victim of procrastination; in fact I’m the craziest procrastinator you can see around. So I used myself as a case study. I procrastinate a lot, I even procrastinate the “unprocrastinateable” I mean even before  writing this I had shifted it couple of times, that’s probably why I ended up writing this in the middle of the night. That’s just me BTW.

I’m the idlest guy you can see around, why? It’s simply because I’m a procrastinator. I discovered that Procrastination is the act of saving today  to die tomorrow, its being free today to occupy tomorrow, its chilling today to struggle tomorrow, I’ll go ahead and say its living today to die tomorrow, Procrastination is putting today’s task on tomorrow forgetting each day comes with its own task.

Procrastinators live yesterday in today (you don’t get that. do you?). Let me give an illustration, Yesterday I was supposed to do my laundry, I didn’t, I shifted it to the next day, and that is today…Today I should be doing something else but I have to do my laundry (I’m too old to be going about dirty, I’m sure you’re too), so I’m washing what I should have washed yesterday today…that is simply living yesterday today

Procrastination is the act of buying time from the future; Procrastinators actually owe Time ‘time’ and believe me you can never have enough time to pay time. There is this popular saying around here “time is money”, we all know time is not a legal tender but when you borrow money you know how paying back feels like, it is actually taking from your present money to pay for the money you spent in the past. So also when you procrastinate you take from today’s time to pay for yesterday’s.

Procrastination would’ve been the sh*t if the time you borrowed today could be added to tomorrow but all days have 24 equal hours

Lastly, Procrastination kills tomorrow, it over burdens tomorrow and renders today useless! Procrastination is a friend of today, Enemy of the Future.

Written By – inCognito Papi [Twitter @inCognitoPapi]


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