Before beginning this post I want to tell you that this article does not suggest that iPhone has less functions than Android, or Apple phones are not good, I am writing this to talk about how Android is better than IOS or the contrast in between the both OS.

More Nigerians are addicted to smartphones these days. Everyone wants to purchase a mobile phone with more functions in less cost and what’s much better than Android phones. One thing I like about Android is that you will get a mobile phone at the most affordable price.

As you know that Google is frequently launching their latest OS KitKat, lollipop, Marshmallow, etc

Lets check the 6 difference between both:

1. Cost

This is the main reason why Nigerians are moving with Android. If you notice the cost of Android phone starts from less N15,000, when compared to the iPhone that you need at least N100,000 above and, interestingly you will get fewer features compared with android mobile.

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