Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. In simple terms, beauty is what every individual sees with their eyes.

Every individual has their own way of measuring beauty. What might be beautiful to some might not be beautiful to the other but there are some women who generally fit the word “beauty”.

A website called Ranker which which deals in survey-like ranking of stuff, took upon themselves to make a poll of African countries with the most beautiful women and so far it has 52,195 votes and based on those votes, here are top 25 African countries with the most beautiful women.

25. South Africa


24. Sudan


23. Nigeria

3 (1)

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  1. So Africans are we really correct,instead of talking abt improving the lives of fellow african we are here talking abt ladies,what a people

  2. It’s a big lie! Even most of the old women in Nigeria are by far prettier than Ghanaian girls. My great grandmother is finer than that Ghanaian lady in the. Picture. Nonsense!

  3. When it comes to education ghanaians are far better than nigerians some should stop saying rubbish is ur country better than ghana tweaaa

  4. Exercise in futility . Who determines the parameters of what constitutes beauty ? Beauty , they say , lies in the eyes of the beholder .

  5. nigeria is d first african country to win miss world beauty pagent n for ur information we ve d most prettiest , sexiest n finnest girls in AFRICA so to hell wit d rating u cannot compare ghana girls with nigerian even in movie industry our girls are d most finnest n prettiest girls even in d music hell!!!! wit their ratings even in education we more brilliant than any other african country girls….just come to lagos alone our girls are damsels…if nigeria is rated 23 then d person dat rated dis is a FOOL….we ve made history in terms of beauty..other african girls should go fuck them selves…

  6. All Nigerians are fools… They look like retarded ducks… Gosh! U fools are damn ugly… They look like burnt offering..

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