Take a look around you, liars everywhere and if you can’t find any liar around you then you’re probably the Liar around.

Men Lie, Women Lie, Oldies lie, Children Lie, Saints Lie, Sinners Lie. Show me a Nigerian that doesn’t lie and I’ll show you a Monkey that doesn’t eat banana.

Pastors Lie, Congregations Lie. I was in my room one day when my Pastor and the evangelism crew came to see me.

“Brother inCognito why didn’t you come to church on Sunday?” How do I tell my Pastor it was the Choir Mistress that stayed overnight with me and sucked all my energies away? I had to lie… I told my Pastor, I said ‘Pastor, it’s by the grace of God that I’m still alive today, the Devil came and attacked me on Saturday night, it was a night filled with lots of battling but thank God I overcame’

The thing that burst my brain was when my Pastor received a call, immediately he saw the call he quivered a bit and he said ye Mr. Owolabi is calling me (Mr. Owolabi is like the biggest donor the church has, stinking rich man, his tithe only is like my Dad’s 10years income).

I think the man asked where my Pastor was and my Pastor said “I’m on the island right now, driving to your place Sir”

So my Pastor sef can lie like this, right there I concluded Everybody Lies, whether consciously or unconsciously, whether knowingly or unknowingly. We all LIE!

Here are the Top Lies I think People Tell, you can add yours too! Let’s Go



You know you do this a lot; you’d type LMAO LWKMD LWTMB while in real sense you’re keeping a very straight face.

We all do it and I don’t blame us. Some people really say some dumb shit over the internet and they think it’s funny.


  1. I MISS YOU. im sure incognito himself tells that lie. i miss u lie, wen you havent even thought bout about the person in weeks. you didnt even remember the person.

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