Nigeria was ranked 23rd in the List of Top African Countries with The Most Beautiful Women. (See Here)

We Disagree. .So Here’s a List of Top 10 States in Nigeria with The Most Beautiful Girls

10. EDO


Photo: BellaNaija

Edo Girls are beautiful! Lord God. .Both theoretically and in practice.

If you visit Benin and come back without feeling awed then you are blind, confused and Something is Doing you.


Zahra NGO

With the highest concentration of beautiful Fulani girls, Katsina possesses pretty girls beyond the veils.

Light skinned and extremely attractive, they are always a beauty to behold.

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  1. Imo State parade prettiest babe. but Rivers? what criteria……..dnt understand. I prefer Abia to be in place of Rivers.

    • Instead of u to say u wish Abia made d list u re saying rivers what criteria???..really???…u need somebody to tell you..the whole world knows that rivers women are the most beautiful women in Nigeria…

    • Its very crystal clear that Imo parade the best… rivers? Kalabari may be consider small, but guess what there are good @…..

  2. Rivers of course d state who produce d first miss world in Africa they are suppose to be d first on d list ,Rivers girls are noticeable any where they are with there irresistible straight legs and stainless endowed body example d kalabaries.

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