eaten by dogs

The photo above is a tragic one of a mother who was eaten alive by a terrifying pack of 100 stray dogs during a visit to the beach. The mother, 65, named locally only as Siluvamma, was visiting a beach in Kerala, south India, when the attack took place.

Her son, Selvaraj, went out to look for her and after coming across the dogs managed to flee into the sea.

He told reporters:

“My mother went to the beach at night.

“As she did not return, I went out searching for her.

“What I saw was shocking. She was being attacked by over 100 stray dogs. She was bleeding all over the body.”

eaten by dogs1

When her son was able to return to her body, she had her limbs torn off by the animals, The Hindu newspaper reports.

Since the incident, locals have staged a protest urging authorities to do more to stop stray dog attacks, which have become an increasing concern in the area.

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