Most men enjoy sex from the first time and with no fails ever. Of course, there might be ups and downs, but it’s hard for them to believe that for women it’s different.

And the fact is that getting into bed with a man most women are usually ready to at least one of these three scenarios:

– The experience will be pretty bad or short;

– She will not finish;

– She will feel self-conscious.

Finding out about it most men feel sort of bad, and not only personally, but also as a collective representation of all guys that have been doing something wrong seems like forever. If they knew better, they would probably do it. So let’s see what women think about the ways of making it better on the male side.

100 women, ages 19 to 50, were surveyed to get the representative information about what makes a man great in bed. The women were given a list of 15 actions that men can do and asked to rank all of them. At the end they were asked to add some other actions that may have not been included into the survey.

Here are the results. So men, please note it and remember it!

1. Engage in foreplay


Almost 86% of women say that foreplay is really important while many men prefer to just skip this step. Making out, licking woman’s boobs, fingering – that is a good beginning that can lead to a great result.

Use your imagination and try different body parts. Go for the neck, fingers or forehead.

90% of women say that it’s somehow important or very important for them. Do you really want to keep skipping it?

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