Many young women have been pushed into doing things they do not want to do simply because they gave in to pressure. Most men will not back down until consummation occurs.

Some of these young ladies have been made to believe they have to sleep with their partners in order to show them how much they love them. This is a big misconception as most of these ladies end up being shattered after they break up.

It is quite possible for you to share beautiful moments with a man without getting down; there are many couples who waited till their wedding nights. This did not change the feelings they have for each other as they learned to treat each other with respect before consummating their love.

Most men do not know how to tell love apart from lust; everything is in one direction for men like that. They believe everything they do with a woman has to boil down to bodies grinding and staying entwined for hours.

There are a number of factors that could be responsible for that. This piece is going to reveal the reasons men confuse love with sex; this will help you a great deal as you will be able to do things the right way from this moment.

Find below some of the reasons men do not know the difference between love and sex:

1. Insecurity


It has been observed that one of the reasons men cannot tell the difference between love and sex is insecurity. They settle for sex and tell themselves they are in charge; they also coerce the women they come in contact with to do their will in order to prove they love them.

This is because some of these men convert their need for intimacy, love, care, comfort and affection into sexual desires. Once they are able to get this from their partners, it is translated to love. Men who have low self-esteem tend to mix up these two things.

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