Contrary to the societal stereotype, of “weak men cry, strong men don’t”, the real truth is men who give in to and show their emotions are really the strong ones… It’s arguable certainly, but it’s the truth!

Though many men don’t like to give in to their emotions as it’s their nature that it makes them feel “weak”, there are very few men who are actually “weak” and won’t care what others may think in certain situations.

One of these situations is at their weddings – some grooms chuckle, some have straight faces, some wear an uncontrollable grin and some hold nothing back and let those tears down their cheeks!

For real though, it may be during the wedding or after, but a wave of emotion will hit them and cause them to cry because of how blessed they are to have their wife.

Below are 10 beautiful photos of grooms crying at their wedding:

1. When the groom realizes his fortune is too good to be true!


2. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… and it’s your bride!


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