Preparing for a date? First date? I hope you havent eaten any of these yet.

1. Cabbage:

Girls love salad because it’s healthy and yummy. Telling your date you had salad at lunch may seem like a good idea because it makes you look health-conscious but you should NEVER have salad at lunch, especially not when you have a date later in the day.

Your breath will smell so bad and you can be almost certain of never ever getting the opportunity of a second date.

2. Garlic:

There’s no special skill required to recognize the stench of garlic. Normal humans can smell garlic from as far as 5 miles(just kidding).

But seriously, garlic is notorious for invading your bloodstream and fighting it’s way through your pores.

So not only should you not eat garlic prior to your date, you shouldn’t even eat it 3 days to your big day just to make sure your date doesn’t ask if you’re allergic to deodorants.

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