2) It’s a Sign of Fertility

The subconscious part of every man likes curvy women.

For centuries, fertility has been associated with big breasts and wide hips, thus making bigger women a better biological mate than others.

3) They Are Less “Tomboyish” and “child-like”

A whole lot of guys see skinny girls as tomboys and immature.

The figure on a female are viewed with a more mature and motherly look unlike the non existing ones on the skinny ones.

Some other guys view skinny girls as immature and think of dating them more as dating a fellow guy.

A lot don’t enjoy this feeling.

However, bear in mind that some guys do actually prefer dating skinny women but there are also lots of guys out there who would rather be with bigger women.

African men and Greek men prefer
women with figure as opposed to some.

The point is that irrespective of how you look or weigh, there are always people out there who are attracted to your person.



  1. If bigger women u mean is “age wise” then I concur bcus they re more matured and real unlike the regular smaller girls. The bigger ladies save u some dramas and handles the relationship with cool heart. These regular girls re full of shits and tension

  2. Yes so.the bigger once are the best…the smaller once be like lacasera for person hand..hahahahha…I just killed sum people…lolz…if e pain u go enta machine mk them stretch u…hahahahha

  3. Whether slim or big…. A time will come wen sex is insignificant… What matters is the person herself… Her personality… Nothing is sexier than a confident woman and woman who is true to herself

  4. I can dedicate my time admiring a fat lady….that got all the magic spots….big boobs soft plumby body…and soft hot shaking ass….hmmm its fun. I love you all the fat ladies out there am dying to meet one some day. #fatladiesthebest.


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