Chika Ike

Shisha smoking is a way of smoking tobacco, sometimes mixed with fruits or molasses sugar, through a bowl & a hose with a mouthpiece.

The hose connects the flavored smoke from substances being burnt in the bowl to the lungs of the smoker through the mouthpiece Shisha pipes use tobacco sweetened with fruits or molasses sugar which makes shisha smoking a more pleasurable experience than cigarettes.

There is a popular saying that what a man can do, a woman can do best. This saying is gradually coming into manifestation with the high rate of Nigerian female entertainers who form the habit of smoking one of the high grade cigarettes, Shisha.

Adaeze Yobo


Few days ago, wife of former Nigerian football star, Joseph Yobo, Adaeze, proudly shared a photo of herself having the Carbon dioxide exhaled from her mouth and nose while having a quiet relaxation at a club (mother of two).

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