When growing up, everybody fancied kid stars like Keke Palmer, Lil Bow Wow, Romeo etc because they were young, doing what they loved to do and made fame for themselves.

It is cute to know some young Nigerians are making an impact in their desired field.


1. Emmanuella

Born: July 6, 2010
Profession: Comedian

Emmanuella is 6 years old. Her full name is Emmanuella Samuel and she’s actually related to Mark Angel in real life; she is his cousin.

Her talent was discovered while in Mark Angel Comedy Foundation where she was one of the kids he trained on acting.

The young and talented girl is in primary 1. A class way too small to be exhibiting such talent. She has won numerous awards including the G Influence Niger Delta-Special Talent Award in 2015. Her top role models are Basketmouth and Kelvin Hart and she loves rice, stew and Chicken.


Speaking with Naij.com, Her uncle, Mark Angel talks on little Emmanuella comedy biz. He talks on how comedy has taken over the airwaves and how he discovered the little girl’s talent at an early Stage. ‘Uncle Mark’ as she fondly calls him dumped medicine for comedy.

He speaks on his career and that of his little cousin and apparently he isn’t having a regrets doing what he does.



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