Richest comedians in Nigeria: They may be the butt of their jokes. They could do anything but be serious. But they’re no fools.

While you smile at home, they are rocking and dancing to the banks! From obscurity to fortune, these comedians are the biggest in the game.

1. AY Comedian – N800 million


Call him a master of the arts. You won’t be wrong. He’s a lover of taste and distinction- and maybe money too! His AY Live annual show fetches him around N160 million.

In popular demand, AY collects between N1 to N2 million per event, while his annual income is put at N280 million, with a net worth of N800 million, AY can surely boast of exotic cars and choice properties.

Also, his 30 days in Atlanta has been dubbed the highest grossing Nollywood movie ever.



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