This write-up focuses on the categories of okada men you will see in Nigeria.

Before you castigate me, please note that I’m not an Okada man neither am I into okada business. I rep Chevron. Hehe.

10 Categories Of Okada Men You Will See At Every Junction

1. The Perverts
These categories of okada riders are flirts. While moving on high speed, they unnecessarily pull the break every now and then without any reason.

This is done just to feel the boobs of their female passenger. Some of them will even go as far as lifting their

2. The History Tellers
These ones often discuss with you the challenges and trials they are facing as an okada rider which is attributed to bad leadership, corrupt and self-centred politicians who often embezzle public funds which has prevented them from renovating the roads.

However, they will further stress that they are hoping Buhari’s administration will do the needful

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