6. The Ones Who Rain Curses
These ones rain curses on motor drivers who fail to give way. Even if you are driving a Range Rover Sport 2014 model, they will still rain curses on you. When you fail to give way, you will hear something like “Oloshi kuro lona jhooor” meaning way-ray abeg comot for road make I pass jhor

7. Gbedu Blaster
These ones will block their ears with an earpiece and will start keep nodding their heads without focusing on where they are going. Some of them will customize their okada with an inscription, “Life no get part two”

8. The Dirty Ones
They are so unkempt and they stink so bad that you will keep wondering if they haven’t taken their bath for three months. They wear bathroom slippers at the tip of their toes. They always look like they don’t make a penny being okada riders

9. The Ones Without Horn
Their okadas no get horn. When they get close to a trailer, they will whistle to the trailer driver and command him to move to another lane so that they will pass.

Originally written by : tosyne2much




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