3. When he thought Mikel Obi deserved Player of the Year in 2014

“I am maniacally bewildered, overgassted and flabberwhelmed at the paraplegic crinkum-crankum that characterised the GLO-CAF awards culminating in an odoriferous saga cum gargantuan gaga. The jiggery-pokery of CAF in crowning Yaya Toure instead of our own prodigy John Obi Mikel is a veritable bugaboo that must be pooh-poohed by all compos mentis homo sapiens. The perfidy and mendacity of all the apparatchik of sports suzerainty are not only repugnant but also insalubrious.”

Layman English: They did ojoro. The award is for John Mikel Obi not Yaya Toure.


4. When he spoke about Xenophobia in South Africa

“The attack on foreigners in South Africa (xenophobia) is a miasma of a deprecate apotheosis of a hemorrhaging Pluto crack, cascading oozing into a malodorous excrescence of mobocracy. With all termagant ossifying proclivities of a kakistocracy, our knowledge centura is enveloped in a paraplegic crinkum-crankum. Therefore, the lampooning is cest in deja vu, deja vu peret ologomabia”

Layman English: What they are doing in South Africa is bad.


But jokes apart, majority of these words are in the English dictionary and we swear we’ve never come across them before.

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