Have you ever caught yourself thinking if having sex on the first date is a good idea? Find out the pros and cons of indulging in first date sex here!

You’re out on a first date with someone whose sexual energy cannot be denied. You may find yourself extremely attracted to his sexy eyes or her sensual lips.

On top of that, dinner was fantastic and the conversation was even better than you had hoped. Your date knowingly smiles, leans forward, and with the subtlest of whispers says…

“Your place or mine?”

You freeze. You panic. You’ve heard all about the horror stories of sex on the first date! What do you do? Decline and your date might think you’re some sort of stuck-up prude from decades past. Agree and it might spell the ruin of your potentially bright future together. Oh, the dilemma!

Frantically, you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to read this very article on whether or not you should sleep with someone on the first date. We won’t give you the definitive answer, as that’s entirely up to you. What we can do, however, is give you arguments from both sides:

Why you shouldn’t…

Are you looking for just a little more convincing that sex on the first date is a bad idea? Here are our reasons for why you should avoid sleeping with your date so soon.

#1 It’s been drilled into our psyche. We’re pretty much hard-wired not to have sex on the first date. For women, it’s because of the whole wife-whore dichotomy wherein we believe that putting out too soon would deem us as non-wife material, and therefore just another lay. For men, on the other hand, your date might think that sex is all you’re really after.

If you don’t want to risk even a smidge of what most of society would deem as behavior suited to the most promiscuous of people, then having sex with someone you’ve just had your first date with is not for you.

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