12. Insatiable Libido

Some men do have an excessive sexual libido and no matter how hard the wife or girlfriend tries to satisfy him, he still seeks for that extra pleasure elsewhere.

And where is he likely to have it? With a prostitute of course. So instead of pestering the wife or girlfriend, only to be met with rejection or complaints, they prefer to go for a prostitute who will not ask any question.

13. Men Like Variety

This may sound quite sarcastic but some men love the variety in every thing they do. These set of men are quick to tell you that it would be abnormal to eat the same kind of soup every day of the year, so the best thing for them is to patronize commercial sex workers to get something different from what they get at home.

When it comes to sex, a prostitute is willing to try anything and the sex style the madam at home abhors could be the one that gives the man the most pleasure.

And if the prostitute can give it to him the way he wants, why not try her, he would always reason.




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