3. Men love fantasy.

Trying new things really matter to men a lot when sex is concerned. This is because at a point in time, it gets boring and it is the fantasy and sexual adventures that you try out that keeps you going. So most men go out to have this adventure if they cannot get it at home.

“I like to try things. When I pay a prostitute, I’m not worried about what I ask for. Nothing shocks them”, Mr Shola, a 45 year old banker revealed.

4. Men like the fastest route to having s*x.

“Getting a prostitute is so easy: no strings attached, you can choose [the woman you want] before you purchase, then they arrive at your door. Couldn’t be easier.”

All men used different methods of visiting prostitutes. While some revealed they used some websites, a larger percentage revealed that they visited a brothel and another set got the prostitute’s number via personal connection. But they all agreed: it was the quickest way to get sex when they felt the urge.




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