Omenka art gallery:

One of CP-AFRICA’s top ten contemporary art galleries in West Africa, Omenka Art gallery is also a top option for best places to break up with someone in Lagos. The pressures of social norms are on your side for this location, because no one wants to make scene in an art gallery.

Like most galleries, Omenka has an unspoken “keep things quiet” rule, and actually, it can be easier to break the news over a famous painting or prestigious artifact on display knowing your partner will most likely be kicked out if they get loud. Again, the serene classy environment can curb their urge to make an outburst and encourage them to keep it together.

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While your newest ‘ex’ may not appreciate your choice of location, seeing as you are basically silencing your partner from speaking their feelings and expressing their emotions, but if you’re looking for the best way to prevent a scene, Omenka is the way to go. Note that they also have a restaurant that can take care of all of your stress needs after the act.

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